5 Tips For Maintaining Your Phone’s Health

by Pia Kalwani on Nov 08, 2023

5 Tips For Maintaining Your Phone’s Health

It is not just us whose health is important, our phone’s health also matters!! We all care for our devices these days. Because nobody wants to experience those anxious moments when the phone starts showing bad behavior. We are overly dependent on our compact phones for almost everything.

Living with a wrecked phone is a nightmare that we never want to even imagine. The way we take care of our bodies, do we care the same way for our phones? We want to, but we barely put effort. We only start thinking more about it once the phone is broken. In this situation, you should go for Doorstep mobile repair service with Refurbzoo. For further safety, let’s explore the simplest ways to enhance the lifespan of our phones:

Don’t keep your phone away from a solid phone case

 We sometimes tend to show off our phone’s sleek body and avoid covering it with a phone case. This is the main reason why most phones break in the world. Prevention is always a better idea than cure. If you want to keep a distance from accidental phone-dropping moments, simply use a phone case.

The quality of your phone cover is of utmost importance. To reduce the chances of damage, you should prefer high-quality covers that secure the corners and edges of the phone. If you are reading this after breaking your phone, don’t worry. You can simply call Refurbzoo to grab the service of Mobile repair at home. The professional technicians will fix your device at your doorstep in no time. However, for extra safety in the future, never forget a phone case.

Screen guards are a must

 Protecting your phone with a phone case is probably not enough these days. You can still drop your phone and break the front part of the body. Securing the phone display is also very necessary. Hence using screen protectors is compulsory to extend the lifespan of your phone.

Also, you should know that the phone’s screen is extremely fragile. A minor drop can also shock you with screen scratches or cracks. If you want to save yourself from the frustration of a broken display, just apply tempered glass. Of course, these are very much inexpensive. However, even after being very cheap, they give an extra layer of defense to the display of a phone.

Software updates are not just another notifications

 Some people avoid the pop-ups of software updates just like they ignore the rest of the useless notifications. Software updates are important and not at all useless. Ignoring them in the long run can increase the risk to your phone’s health. You should keep updating your operating system so that your phone remains up-to-date. This is important because updates usually include security patches and bug fixes to keep your phone protected and smooth. Also, regular updates highly impact the overall performance of all the apps and features in the phone.

Battery health matters the most

 Most people don’t keep the phone charging until their phone’s battery is completely dead. Why wait for the battery to die? This will just reduce the battery lifespan and your battery will start showing tantrums soon. Additionally, some people put their phones on charging for the entire night.

Overcharging isn’t doing good to your phone either. You should show the charging rules and battery standards. To keep your battery healthy, maintain the level between 20% to 80%. Because this is the optimum battery condition.

If you are someone who charges the phone with any random charger, please stop doing that. Try to use the original charger and not confuse your phone. But still if your battery is draining too fast, just schedule a booking for Refurbzoo’s doorstep mobile repair services. The experts will fix the battery issues for you.

Cleanliness is still so underrated

 We never forget to clean ourselves but when it comes to cleaning our phones, we barely remember. Your phone catches dust, bacteria, and debris very quickly. These things accumulate in the phone’s ports and crevices gradually. You will soon witness problems with charging or maybe with the speaker.  Make a healthy habit of keeping the phone clean and dust-free to enhance the lifespan of the device.

The bottom line

This is it. Now you have cracked the code for extending the lifespan of your phone. The health of our device matters a lot. Just like our own health, we wish for the longevity of our phones too. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can keep your phone healthy and its performance on the mark!

However, your phone may experience unforeseen issues and for that part, you have Refurbzoo with you. With the premium online mobile repair services, you can get your phone fixed at your doorstep. This is an effective way to not disturb your daily routine and still get your phone repaired quickly. No more stressful moments with Refurbzoo!!