iPhone 15 Features and Specifications: What can you expect from the upcoming Apple smartphone?

by Pia Kalwani on Sep 08, 2023

iPhone 15 Features and Specifications:  What can you expect from the upcoming Apple smartphone?

Are you too surrounded by the buzz of the mega launch of Apple’s iPhone 15? Well, it is in the air. A lot of tech experts have given their predictions about the iPhone 15 features and what’s new on the plate this year.

From Bionic chip enhancement to periscope technology camera lens, there are numerous speculations about the improvements in the models of iPhone 15 including iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. You will witness this mega event in the first two weeks of September. Well, what’s new cooking?? Is there something special about this Apple smartphone?

 Improved physical dimensions of 6.1-6.7 inches, curved bezels, titanium material, and a lot of iPhone 15 features are being talked about. Well, get ready to know about the astounding iPhone 15 features, what to expect from it, and why it is one of the most awaited things in the market:

iPhone 15 Features:

iPhone 15 Design Enhancements

The physical appearance of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max is somewhat similar to iPhone 14 and has dimensions of 6.1 and 6.7 inches with OLED displays. There is a Dynamic Island cutout too. Thinner bezels than the iPhone 14 models are expected in the iPhone 15 Pro. The 1.55mm bezels of the iPhone 15 Pro model will set a benchmark in the smartphone industry for introducing the thinnest bezels in a phone.

Titanium Frame

This latest Apple device is rumored to have a magnificent Titanium Chassis instead of regular stainless steel for its iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models. It means that users can enjoy a lighter yet stronger iPhone body with a different finish.

Color Options in iPhone 15

iPhone 15 colors can be found in dark hues of blue, lighter shades of grey, natural titanium shade, space black color, and the golden hue will be missing this year.

#Bonus Information:

The current mute switch is going to be replaced with an Action Button. These solid-state ACTION BUTTONS are expected to be used to start the camera, flashlight, focus mode, silent mode, Magnifier app, voice memo, and many more actions.

iPhone 15 Display Enhancement:

One of the smart iPhone 15 features is its OLED display driver chip introduced in all models of iPhone 15. It is manufactured on a 28nm procedure and is highly efficient in limiting power consumption hence it successfully levels up the iPhone 15 battery life.

Bonus iPhone 15 feature: An integrated proximity sensor is going to be featured in the Dynamic Island. iPhone 15 storage options can highly convince Apple users to switch to this latest smartphone.

USB-C Port

It may be the time to bid goodbye to the Lightning Port and welcome the fast USB C ports in this anticipated Apple smartphone. As European regulatory requirements have clearly specified about the shift to universal charging ports and hence Apple introduced USB C ports worldwide in its iPhone 15 lineup.

People would be able to access high-speed data transfer with Thunderbolt 3 transfer speeds.

Next Apple smartphone Wireless charging

Now what to expect from a charging point of view? iPhone 15 models will introduce the latest Qi2 standard for supporting 15W charging from non-MagSafe third-party accessories and also the basic MagSafe charging will be accessible.

iPhone 15 Camera

What people genuinely expect from the new iPhone is improved camera quality. When it comes to the multiple speculations about iPhone 15 features, you can’t forget about the camera.

Apple is going to introduce periscope camera lens technology in its iPhone 15 Pro Max model. This technology is used when you access a telephoto camera and will facilitate 5x-6x zooming accessibility.

The main iPhone 15 camera for Pro and Pro Max models will be similar to the iPhone 14 Pro. There are assumptions about the improvements in Ultra wide camera that can has a 48-megapixel wide lens for capturing awesome shots.

Periscope technology will only be seen in Pro Max models. However, there will be a slight upgrade of the telephoto lens in the rest of the iPhone 15 models.

A17 Bionic chip

There is a lot to expect from this upcoming launch. Another major improvement in the list of iPhone 15 features is the upgradation of the Bionic chip from A15 to A17. This next-generation chip is expected to be built on a 3nm process. The transistor density will significantly increase and the chip size will be reduced. With the introduction of the A17 chip, you will get a 6-core CPU and GPU and that’s definitely better than the A16 chip. The iPhone 15 Pro models will have this A17 Bionic chip while the rest of the standard iPhone 15 models will have an A16 Bionic chip.

No SIM card tray

It’s time to get familiar with the e-sim card ecosystem from the next Apple launches. The SIM card tray was already missing in iPhone 14 models that were being sold in the USA. Now, as a part of iPhone 15 specifications, Apple may remove the concept of SIM card trays in other countries too. So, the iPhone 15 models will be compatible with e-SIMs. This technology was first introduced in 2018 in iPhone XS, Max, and XR models. It will be interesting to see what’s the next move of Apple for e-SIM in iPhone 15 models.

5G modem with faster speed

From the next iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models, Apple is going to introduce a faster Wi-Fi 6E feature that provides better bandwidth, improved signal quality, enhanced connectivity, reduced latency, and higher capacity with speed. With an upgraded 7nm processor, the introduction of the next generation X70 Ultra Wideband chip can highly improve iPhone 15 performance and efficiently lower energy consumption.

The most awaited iPhone 15 release date in Dubai

In the WONDERLUST event on September 12, Tuesday, Apple is going to unveil its new products. From September 15, the pre-orders might get started and finally, on September 22, the iPhone 15 launch is being assumed.

To sum up

You already know almost everything about the iPhone 15 and what to expect even before the new Apple device is launched in the market. It is all about the features that really excite people about the launch of every new iPhone. The iPhone users have high expectations from the iPhone 15 in Dubai as this may improve their experience and overall iPhone performance, features, and specifications to an extent. Fingers crossed!! Are you going to buy this iPhone 15 and upgrade your iPhone journey? Well, let’s see what new revolution it brings to the Apple world. You can sell your old phone at Refurbzoo by contacting while buying a new iphone 15!!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1 When is the iPhone 15 expected to be released?

Ans. There is no official launch date for iPhone 15. However, the entire world knows that Apple always launch its new legacy of smartphones and other novelties in the month of September. So, you can expect the launch of the iPhone 15 in the first two weeks of September (most probably on September 12). Additionally, after 10 days of its launch, the iPhone 15 is expected to go on sale for potential customers.

Q2 What are the standout features of the iPhone 15’s display?

Ans. According to the reports, you will be able to get slightly changed physical dimensions. The standout features of this new iPhone release include better screen size of iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max approximately 6.14 and 6.73 inches respectively. The models of iPhone 15 are expected to be acquainted with an improved OLED display driver chip. This power-efficient chip is manufactured on a 28nm procedure and hence you can witness lesser power consumption and enhanced battery life.

Q3 Are there any significant camera upgrades in the iPhone 15?

Ans. Yes. Apple is going to introduce a new periscope camera technology update in the iPhone 15 Pro Max model. This technology will be facilitating a 5x/6x optical zoom option with the use of the telephoto camera in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Usually, the telephoto camera is square shaped but this Apple smartphone will have a telescope camera with a round-shaped and enlarged opening. The requirements of internal storage for the hardware can’t be fulfilled in other iPhone 15 models and hence this periscope technology is limited to the Pro Max model. You can also expect better rear-camera functions in the pro models of iPhone 15.


Q4 How will be the performance of the iPhone 15 compared to its predecessors?

Ans. iPhone 15 is going to serve a better holding comfort with its thinner and lighter body than the older models. The advanced hardware provides iOS 16 which will give a seamless experience to the iPhone 15 users. The ProMotion technology presents an enhanced refresh rate of 120Hz which is just double what we have in iPhone 14 and its former ones. iPhone 14 has an A15 Bionic chip while iPhone 15 will have an A17 Bionic chip to let you have access to higher processing speed and better battery life. iPhone 14 supports 5G technology while you will be able to access 6G technology support in iPhone 15. You will find prominent improvements in terms of its performance, display, and camera.


Q5 Can we expect a better battery life from the iPhone 15?

Ans. Generally, Apple launches its new smartphones with improved battery life every year. You can expect a battery jump of 14% to 18%. It is compared with the iPhone 14 model that has a 3877mAh battery capacity.


Q6 What changes are expected in the operating system of the iPhone 15?

Ans. You can expect from the new iPhone 15 an improved iOS version of this new Apple smartphone launch. There is anticipation of iOS 16-17 in the upcoming iPhone 15 launch. This will enhance the iPhone user experience to a significant extent.

Q7 How is the iPhone 15 in comparison to other upcoming smartphones?

Ans. With the upcoming launch of the iPhone 15, there is a buzz of the Pixel 8 – the top Google phone. You will witness some prominent improvements in both of the smartphones over their predecessors. iPhone 15 is going to introduce a USB C port while you will get astounding AI tools in Pixel 8. You have already read about the features of the iPhone 15. Let’s discuss about the features of Pixel 8:

Design: You can expect a thinner and lighter body this time and the rest will be similar to pixel 7.

Display: The display is expected to be smaller in size in comparison to Pixel 7. The density and peak brightness might improve this time.

Camera: There are high chance that Google Pixel 8 will introduce 50 megapixel GN2 primary sensor, a Time-of-Flight sensor, enhanced light processing, and a 12-megapixel IMX386 ultra-wide sensor. Surely, it is going to give tough competition to iPhone 15 models.

Q8 Will the iPhone 15 be compatible with the existing accessories?

Ans. Like Android phones, the USB C cable will be accessible to iPhone 15 users and they will have compatible accessories easily available around them. However, the charging cable of iPhone 14 won’t give you any easy time. You will have to switch to new accessories if you buy the iPhone 15.

Q9 Are there any price speculations for the iPhone 15?

Ans. There is no clarity about the iPhone 15 price in Dubai. However, Apple is definitely planning to raise the prices this year. You can expect a price range of AED 3299 to AED 3600 for different models of iPhone 15. It will differ according to iPhone 15 availability in Dubai.

Q10 Can you pre-order the iPhone 15 and if so, when?

Ans. Yes, you can start the iPhone 15 pre-order after a few days of its launch. You can start the pre-booking from around 15 to 22 September 2023.