The most common phone problems we can fix at your doorstep

by Pia Kalwani on Nov 02, 2023

How can someone fix your phone at your doorstep? It might be useful just for teeny-tiny problems. Do you also have a similar mindset for Doorstep mobile repair service? Well, you would be amazed to know that Doorstep facility has much more to offer. You need to evolve your thinking.

Dropping a phone randomly on a very fine day is just an unfortunate event that you can’t ignore. Phones can show tantrums even at an important moment. What will you do at that shocking moment?? Should you run and find a phone repair shop in Abu Dhabi? Or should you try something innovative and more reliable like doorstep repair help? Well, you know what’s the smartest solution.

Let’s explore what phone problems can we fix at your doorstep:

Cracked screens: Accidental drops are the most common trouble-makers in our lives. It is estimated that approximately 38-45% of people in the UAE have experienced the shock of accidental drops at some point. It is heartbreaking. All our work stops immediately!! Refurbzoo solves your problem swiftly. You can call professional experts for screen repair at the doorstep. 

Battery drainage and performance issues: 8 out of 10 smartphone users complain about the draining battery after 1.5 years of using the phone. This problem doesn’t warn you before entering your life. It can happen to anyone who is using the same phone for more than 1-2 years. This doesn’t mean that you should change your phone every now and then. Just get expert help! Going for Refurbzoo’s battery replacement facility can help you live a peaceful life again. The technicians diagnose your phone battery and resolve the problem until the battery shows its optimal performance. It is a smooth solution for the battery issue.

Water damage: No matter how many precautions you take, phones can dive into the water area anytime. It’s all about luck most of the time. Running to the repair shops can be a huge hassle. Refurbzoo professional technicians can handle this problem with patience. They know how to handle water-damaged devices and revive and restore them with special techniques. Don’t worry, they are not magicians. They just have access to knowledge, training, and technology.

Software problems and slow performance: Our bodies get tired and sometimes we get sick. It is warming for us to slow down. Similarly, our phones may get sick. It may perform slowly and doesn’t follow your instructions. It is a normal case yet a very frustrating experience. Almost 70% of people ignore basic issues like freezing and crashing apps in the initial stage. You should not delay the repair process. As soon as you witness any software issues, reach out for help. Going for an online phone repair service at Refurbzoo is a wise decision.


There are a lot more problems that Refurbzoo’s doorstep mobile repair service can solve such as:

Overheating of phone

Basic hardware malfunctions

Charging port issues

Camera glitches

Speaker and audio-related problems

And many more!!

Phones are prone to issues. You need not to feel alienated. Most people have to deal with phone issues at some point. Disturbing your daily life and running to repair shops can be a hectic task. You should prefer convenience, affordability, and efficiency over everything else. Refurbzoo’s doorstep phone repair service in Dubai is exactly what you need. Let your phone get into its optimal shape on the same day!!