What to do when your phone gets wet?

by Pia Kalwani on Oct 25, 2023

What to do when your phone gets wet?

We all have been there: that moment when our heart stops pumping for a while. This is the time when we watch our phone jumping into the water. In a totally unexpected way!! We ourselves give multiple chances for the phone to drop in different locations surrounded by water.

 It can be an unfortunate toilet accident, poolside mishap, or an uninvited rain session. It is definitely a panic situation. You should try to not lose your calm and act smartly to handle the damage. If you think that the damage is now beyond your understanding, you can make a booking for mobile repairing at home with Refurbzoo. But if you still want to take charge of this situation, here is the procedure to handle a wet phone:

STEP 1: Pick up your phone immediately

Most people watch their phone dropping into the water and stand there shocked. You should not waste even a second to retrieve your phone as soon as possible. The more it stays there with water, the more damage you will have to bear. Additionally, if the phone is still switched on, just turn it off to save it from any short circuits.

Remove external accessories: Water is usually unstoppable and that’s why it will soon cover all the space in your phone. Hence you should immediately remove the screen guard, phone cover, or anything else connected externally with the phone. This way, the moisture will not be trapped in the phone and will dry up faster.

STEP 2: Don’t put your phone on charge

In these situations, we freak out when we see our phone not getting switched on. We start putting more effort by putting it on charging. However, it is a wrong practice. When the phone is wet, it should not get in touch with electricity. Putting a wet phone on charging is a big-time NO. Keep calm.

STEP 3: Wipe and drain

At this stage, your utmost priority should be to wipe the phone with a dry cloth or paper napkins to get rid of visible water.

STEP 4: Disassemble

If it is possible, then try to disassemble the phone with the help of tools. This way, you can wipe off the internal components too. You will get a confirmation that no water is left after wiping it properly. This can be a complex step. Hence you can search for a phone fix near me on the internet or directly contact Refurbzoo to call the experts at your doorstep to repair your phone instantly.

STEP 5: Use Desiccants

You can use the stuff that can help absorb moisture including rice, silica gel, and more. Also, there are multiple phone drying commercial kits available in the market. You can use these things to draw out the remaining moisture from your phone.

The bottom line

Just wish yourself good luck after trying all the above-mentioned steps. If your phone still doesn’t work properly, you don’t have to freak out. This is not the end of the world. You have Refurbzoo experts with you who repair phone at home. You can get back to your daily life work while our technicians will heal your phone until it gets back on track.