is an initiative of Wadi Al Funoon Mobile Phones & Accessories Trading L.L.C, which was established in year 2023 at Bur Dubai, UAE. “” its been actively engaged in the same field from year 2011 with having a Deira outlet in Bur Dubai.

Refurbzoo working towards reducing waste and offering sustainable solutions for consumers. By partnering with retailers to offer returned, overstock, and certified pre-owned products at discounted prices, Refurbzoo is not only providing an opportunity for consumers to purchase affordable electronics but also reducing the environmental impact of discarded products.

Certified pre-owned/refurbhised products that have undergone intensive quality checks and come with a warranty offer consumers peace of mind and assurance of the product's functionality. This is especially important for smartphone that are often expensive and require a significant investment.

Overall, Refurbzoo's approach to repurposing returned and overstock products while providing sustainable solutions for consumers is a positive step towards reducing waste and promoting environmental sustainability.